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About Prettyrocks LLC
We have been an authorized dealer for Kaeser-Blair Inc. for more than 10 years. Prettyrocks LLC was founded in Hawaii in 2000 serving the Maui community with custom fabrication and laser engraving. Our focus now is to help others build and brand their businesses. 
About Kaeser-Blair Inc.
The Company was founded in 1894 as the Cincinnati Printing and Paper Products Co., in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1923, Dutch Kaeser and Bill Blair purchased Cincinnati Printing and Paper Products Co. and incorporated the Company into what is now known as Kaeser & Blair, Inc.
Kaeser & Blair revolutionized the industry by selling advertising, branding and promotional products that were marketed through independent sales professionals. This new approach produced an exclusive national network of independent sales professionals and Kaeser & Blair experienced significant growth prospering through The Great Depression. The Company eventually expanded its offerings to include more than just paper products; adding items such as imprinted pencils, matchbooks, calendars and more.

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